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Dave's other changes

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barends.jpg (33207 bytes) ICON "Maggie" Bar ends ( made by Trek)


Dave's lightinsystem

 two views of Dave's light mount the first shows the battery strapped to the beam.  The second shows his mount for the computer in the G P S system.  The third shows the G P S system mounted.     

lights1.jpg (29729 bytes)  lights3.jpg (26782 bytes) GPS1.jpg (21903 bytes)


lights2.jpg (34262 bytes)stem with 12 V twin-beam Cygo-lite (battery on beam).


Dave's  BOB trailer


bob1.jpg (40789 bytes)Bob trailer Mount with kickstand up.



 bob2.jpg (40372 bytes)

BOB trailer with kickstand all the way up.


bob3.jpg (37338 bytes)BOB trailer with Rubbermaid 28 gal. rough tote box. 



bob4.jpg (27743 bytes)left side with BOB yak trailer. 



bob5.jpg (30340 bytes)BOB trailer (Rubbermaid box is great for carrying groceries). 



bob6.jpg (32985 bytes)Ortlieb MiniBiker New-Line Panniers.



bob7.jpg (36486 bytes) Ortlieb close up.



bob8.jpg (28587 bytes)BOB trailer review without Rubbermaid box.   



bob9.jpg (29996 bytes) BOB trailer Mount



bob10.jpg (38538 bytes) BOB trailer Nutz  and mount.




bob11.jpg (26787 bytes) another view of the Nutz ( the special nutthat the BOB trailer hitch amounts onto). 


 bob12.jpg (39519 bytes)

 another view from the top.


bob13.jpg (28552 bytes) Here is Dave's bike with the BOB trailer after a hard day, resting quietly.



Dave's idler wheel

Two views of Dave's chain tube and idler wheel


d-idler.jpg (29605 bytes)   d-idler2.jpg (23683 bytes)


Dave's Air Zound two horn


Horn1.jpg (31778 bytes) horn2.jpg (36272 bytes) horn3.jpg (35921 bytes)

MVC-026S.JPG (42829 bytes)

MVC-029S.JPG (38694 bytes)  water bottle cages.




MVC-032S.JPG (27991 bytes) old clipless pedals



MVC-034S.JPG (18895 bytes)  overview of bar ends



Dave's tires

MVC-035S.JPG (26708 bytes)

MVC-035S.JPG (26708 bytes)


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