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Faring Construction 2

I followed Ed's directions for cutting and applying the coraplast for the nosecone. However, for the small side pieces on the top of the nosecone Ed says just to hold the coraplast in-place and trace the shaped directly onto it. I was working by myself and couldn't hold the coraplast and trace at the same time. Instead I taped a piece of poster board over the hole and trace onto it. I then cut out the template and trace it onto the coraplast. I then cut the coraplast and it fit like a glove. You need to do both side pieces individually, there will probably be slight variations in width between the two sides. Also, don't worry if you leave a small gap between two of the pieces the tape will cover it up.




To bend the coraplast for the lower pieces you have to heat the inner side of the piece. This can be done with several tools a heat gun, a shrink wrap iron, or the heat source I chose. I didn't have either of the previously mentioned tools, so I took the piece of coraplast ran up the stairs from my basement skunk works. In the kitchen I held the piece of coraplast over the gas burner of my stove. Works great, one suggestion don't bend the piece as much as is needed. Hold the coraplast in the approximate shaped until it cools. The one problem I encountered was the inner edge shrinks slightly when it cools. This pulls the curve a little tighter.



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